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▶️British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said, that the world should cut Russia off from the global SWIFT payments system

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He said more countries supported such a move.


👉The U.S. and its allies on Saturday attempted to slam the brakes on Russia’s economy and banking systems by expelling selected Russian banks from the global bank-to-bank payment system known as SWIFT, the next step in a series of increasing sanctions punishing President Vladimir Putin for his unprovoked invasion of Ukraine.

“Putin’s government is getting kicked off the international financial system,” a senior Biden administration official told reporters on Saturday. “To be clear, this is a sad outcome for the people of Ukraine, the people of Russia and many others. This is not where we want it to be. But this is Putin’s war of choice, and only Putin can decide how much more cost he is willing to bear—the United States and our allies and partners are unified and will continue to impose costs.”

The decision to remove the Russian institutions from SWIFT was announced in concert with the European Commission, Britain, Canada, France, Germany and Italy. In a Saturday statement, the group of allies warned that a list of five moves aim to “hold Russia to account and collectively ensure that this war is a strategic failure for Putin.”

“As Russian forces unleash their assault on Kyiv and other Ukrainian cities, we are resolved to continue imposing costs on Russia that will further isolate Russia from the international financial system and our economies, the group said in a statement. “We will implement these measures within the coming days. (Source: VOA)

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