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Jammu & Kashmir PhD Research Scholars Association Demands Equal Work Equal Pay

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Feb 16/2022:

 A protest was held by J&K Ph.D. Scholars Association to highlight various issues faced by the PhD scholars working in the various colleges and universities of J&K.

The protestors expressed disappointment over what they termed as lack of comprehensive job policy, delay in the advertisement of Academic Arrangement notification for 2022.

“Meagre salary is paid to us in violation of equal pay for equal work norm. Lack of full academic session engagement, besides denial of winter, summer vacation pay is taking toll on us. We also decry using the nomenclature of Lecturer instead of Assistant Professor for Academic Arrangement teachers working in various degree colleges and universities of J&K,” they said.

“Due to COVID-19 pandemic and other local reasons, scholars have lost many precious years without getting any job opportunity. In this regard, we appeal Lieutenant Governor to kindly consider to increase upper age limit for PSC and SSB posts so that career of many scholars could be saved who are on the verge of cross the upper age limit”, they added.

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