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PLCS organized “Indo-Italian Poetry Reading”

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12 August 2022,11:41 AM

PLCS organized “Indo-Italian Poetry Reading”

Progressive Literary & Cultural Society (India) organized “Indo-Italian Poetry Reading on Google meet on 7th August 2022. Dr. Shamenaz (Founder & President, PLCS) commenced by introducing the event. She then introduced PLCS Indian Coordinator, Lucilla Trapazzo (Italy, Switzerland) who welcomed everybody and in her address said that “One of the instances in which we are trying to bring India and Italy closer culturally. I want to start with the word which I often mention and that is “Ubuntu”. It is a beautiful concept which comes from South African culture, it means “I am because you are” so the singular that becomes a plural. So when we encounter others then it makes us all. When we encounter different cultures, different from ours, if we open up the communication and welcome the differences we will absorb different ways of seeing and feeling. We will decipher the world with different coats and we also open up new horizons of talk and new models in other’s lives and this will change us forever in the world full of vices it will change us as well. So abridging the cultures through poetry is a high form of peace-keeping in my opinion because it creates a universal bridge beyond borders and cultures and we the poets are somehow visionary messengers of it. So let us welcome with open hands the differences of voices, languages in Italia, some Indian languages today as well as English”.
She then invited the first poet from Italy, Claudia Piccinno who recited her Italian poem, Davide è il tuo nome with English translation, David is Your Name. Dr. Shamenaz invited the second poet from India, Dr (Major) Avaninder Sharma who recited Ab ho hi jaye in Hindi and Let it be in English. The third poet from Italy, Michela recited Il respiro della terra, in Italian and Breath of Earth in English. The fourth poet from India, Dr. Manisha Singh recited Safalta in Hindi and Success in English. The fifth poet from Italy, Giuseppe Napolitano recited La Risposta, Figlia Mia in Italian and The Answer, My Daughter (Variations on Bob Dylan) in English. The sixth poet from India, Dr. Perwaiz Shahryar recited Watan Aziz ki Kunwari Galiya in Urdu and The Virgin Paths of My Beloved Country in English. The seventh poet from Italy, Mara Ventura recited, La terra mi fa male in Italian and The Earth Hurts Me in English. The eighth poet from India, Dr. Jyotsna Sinha recited Jeevan Sathi in Hindi and Life- Partners in English. The ninth poet from Italy, Irene Sabetta recited Giulia and Julie in English.
In the end, both the Convenors recited their poems, Dr. Shamenaz recited Faraar in Urdu and Being Escapist in English and Lucilla Trapazzo recited, Se lasci sospesa la frase in Italian and If You Leave the Sentence Hanging in English. In the end they both thanked all the poets for their participation. Dr. Shamenaz said that through these events we are trying to abridge the difference between the two countries. She said that people think that there are vast differences between East and West. But there is no East, there is no West, there is only sun which rises in the East and sets in the West.

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