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PLCS organized E-lecture on “Computer Technology and Arts: Literary Graphics and Plastics”

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31 July 2022

PLCS organized E-lecture on “Computer Technology and Arts: Literary Graphics and Plastics”

Progressive Literary & Cultural Society (India) organized a lecture on “Computer Technology and Arts: Literary Graphics and Plastics”on Google meet on 31st July 2022. Dr. Shamenaz (Founder & President, PLCS) commenced the event. She introduced the Moderator, Dr. Anupama Sharma (Joint Secretary, PLCS.

Dr. Anupama Sharma introduced the Speaker, Dr. Richard Spisak (USA). She said that, “Computers take art in new directions challenging the meaning of creativity computer use has changed the way most people do business including those in the art field artist animators photographers and filmmakers use computers to create the art computers are useful in animation design and special effects so we can say that it’s a very contemporary topic of current century.

Dr. Richard Spisak in his lecture focused on these facts:

1. Blundering into digital tools – (how most artists begin to use digital tools) spotty access, poor tools, worse unsympathetic training, limited understanding of file handling

2. Why file handling is the first problem (losing files is problem one)

3. Understanding file control, understanding file hierarchy, gaining control of file management

4. Archives, backups, semi-permanent files ((long term media management))

5. What gold is hidden in plain site? – (never use a jet plane to check the mail)

6. What gems are freely available sitting on the table (art tools, file management tools, file relocation tools, distribution tools).After the lecture, there was a question-answer session.

In the end, Dr. Shamenaz proposed a vote of thanks. The lecture was attended by scholars from India and abroad.

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