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The Celebration of Indo-Uzbek Bilateral Relations at Ghalib Institute, New Delhi, India

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12 Feb 2023

The Celebration of Indo-Uzbek Bilateral Relations at Ghalib Institute, New Delhi, India on 24th January 2023.

The relations between India and Uzbekistan are very profound, very strong and very old as well, said his excellency the Extraordinary and Plenipotential Ambassador of Republic of Uzbekistan to Republic of India Honorable Dilshod Akhatov to audience among which delegates and other dignitaries were present in the auditorium of Ghalib Institute, New Delhi, India.

This relation has been enhanced with the passage of time in the fields of education, literature, culture, commerce, science and technology. We both have been striving to strengthen such by lateral relation between Indo- Uzbek friendship in the fields of our mutual interest, expressed his opinion as the Chief Guest of the Progressive Literary and Cultural Society organised by the collaboration of Aalami Urdu Trust.

He appreciated such a beautiful initiative taken by the Founder & President of PLCS, Dr. Shamenaz and the Chairman of Aalmi Urdu Trust advocate of Supreme Court of India Mr A. Rahman said that such public-to-public relations would further strengthen our mutual friendship. We have been friends in every field and extended our full cooperation to each other and wherever it was needed in our past.

Hon’able ambassador, Dilshod expressed his earnest desire and hope that the scholarship of both the countries will organise such collaborative programs in future that will promote more and more fraternity and friendship between Uzbekistan and India through such cultural and literary exchange programs.

After conferring Chuga and Kula the traditional dresses of Uzbekistan to organiser A Rahman, desired that such programs of cultural and linguistic exchange should be continued in future as well to strengthen the bilateral relations between both the countries.

Dr Shamenaz was honoured by the gift of traditional silk shawl, gown and hand culture. Professor Akhlak Aahan Guest of Honor was honoured by a memento and Dr Perwaiz Shaharyar traditional handmade Wallet and Kula .

Dr Shamenaz introduced the activities of Progressive Literary and Cultural Society from the podium. She explained that the PLCS was constituted under the presidency of her in 2020.This is one of the most significant and active literary and cultural groups of the world, addressing the audience that they have organized a number of international poetry meets in native and English languages. The PLCS has conducted many one to one interviews as well. Dr. Perwaiz Shaharyar has conducted Children’s Story Writering Programs, like How to Write Stories ?, etc.

Professor Akhlaque Aahan, the Chairperson of the Centre for Persian and Arabic Linguistics and Culture, Jawaharlal Nehru University shared his experience of visiting Uzbekistan by his speech of the Muslim sufi’s of Uzbekistan Naqshbandi , Qadiri , and Chishti school of Sufi thoughts are found in India to which were originally spreaded out from different parts of Uzbekistan he recalled the past of Uzbekistan as a scholarly hub of the Central Asia.

Dr Perwaiz Shaharyar read out from his Foreword contributed to the magazine INDO- UZBEK Strengthening Relationship, which was released by the auspicious hands of the ambassador of Uzbekistan will show at the platform of PLCS is on the same occasion that India and Uzbekistan have excellent by lateral relation in various fronts like economy culture education and technology medical and pharmaceutical fields the both countries have been secular and respect all religions.
Dr Shaharyar further said, we hope and look forward to more fruitful and healthy bilateral relations apart from science and technology in the field of art culture language and literature as well between two great countries India and Uzbekistan.

Professor Muhammadjon Mamajonov and his colleague professor from Fergana University address the audience with their insightfull and visionary speech about the event and cultural and linguistic exchange. His book a ” Jewel of My Soul ” in English as received good appreciation from the audience. He has earlier visited Mohanlal Sukhadia University in Rajasthan, India.

Ogulnur Alayeva , the author of a prize winning book, ” Deutsch fur Alle “, in German and ” Torch Science Enlightenment- Bright Future ” in Uzbek, was conferred a prestigious award and accolade of Woman Asian Leadership Award by PLCS. It comprises a memento and a certificate.

Shahadat Isakhanova from Tashkent recited her poem in Uzbek and received aplouds from the audience. She speaks about Uzbek-Indian relation building a cultural bridge with translation and cultural events. she is an acclaimed story writer as well.

Khulkar Khamraeva recited her poem in Uzbek. She is the author of 10 books. She reads her past husband Azam Utkam’s poems from his book in English and Hindi, “Wind of Kokand.”

Gulbakhor Jumayeva recited her poem, “Missing” and received appreciation from the audience. Gulbakhor is Director for the school named after Ibn Sina.

Munira Yodgorova recited her poem,”How Long is the Night?”. Her poems have been published in the national and international anthologies.

Zamira Razzakova read her poem in Uzbek. Her creative works have been published in reputed foreign magazines. She has been participating in the international events of poetry.

Asadullah Ismoilzoda recited his Quatrains in Tajik language and got much appreciation from the audience due to his near to understandable Persian language. He is an acclaimed author and has 10 published books in his credentials.

Umida Khushvaktova read her poem, “On the Way of Love.” She is working as the Director of Special Educational Boarding School in Shaharisabz.

The programme was concluded by the vote of thanks by A Rahman to each and everyone, to media persons and all with the announcement and invitation that the tea and coffee are waiting for you in the dining hall.

Dr Shamenaz also formally ended the programme in the a very pleasant manner with thanks giving to all and more particularly to hon’ble Chief Guest and Guest of Honour.

NB : The delegates visited the splendid museum of Mirza Asadullah Khan Ghalib and wrote down their memories in the Visiters Book and enjoyed photo sessions in and outside of the museum with the fans and admirors of Ghalib and with the statue of Ghalib.

Reported by: Dr. Perwaiz Shaharyar
Editor, NCERT, New Delhi, India

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