Progressive Literary & Cultural Society organized a Lecture on “New Waves in Central European Cenimas in…..

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19 July 2022

PLCS organized E-lecture on Cinema

Progressive Literary & Cultural Society (India) organized a lecture on

“New Waves in Central European Cinemas in the 60s of the 20th Century: Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Poland, Romania”

on Google meet on 17th July 2022. Dr. Shamenaz (Founder & President, PLCS) commenced the event. She introduced the Moderator, Dr. Naila Suhail (Karamat Degree College, Lucknow) and handed over the mike.

Dr. Naila Suhail introduced the topic and also the speaker, Mircea Dan Duta (Czech Republic). Mircea in his lecture described the difference between Hollywood and Bollywood cinema. In describing the new waves in Central European cinemas in the 60s of the 20th century in countries like Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Poland, Romania, he talked about the influence of politics on cinema. How the government of the respective countries in those days tried to carry out their propaganda by pressuring film-makers to make movies suiting their agendas. He traced the journey of various directors in choosing thematics different from the widely prevalent Communist propaganda films and how they had to fight for the right of cinema to criticize.
He elucidated upon how filmmakers encouraged viewer participation in the form of two endings or the same story being presented from the points of view of different characters. In this context, he gave examples of some of the finest movies made during the 60’s, which relied on authenticity & credibility. He gave examples of some of the finest movies made during the 60s. He also named some famous women directors of that time.

After the lecture, in the questions-answers session scholars like Dr. Shamenaz, Lucilla Trapazzo asked a few questions which speaker, Mircea Dan Duta replied enthusiastically. Lucilla Trapazzo added her information regarding Italian cinema of the 60s. In the end, Dr. Manisha Singh proposed a vote of thanks.

The lecture was attended by scholars from India and abroad.

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