Iqbal & Current Issues by Dr. Mushtaq Ahmad Ganaie

Written by GNK


18 July 2022

Iqbal and current issues

Author Dr. Mushtaq Ahmad Ganie.
No of pages 144
Educational publishing House
New Delhi.
A book review.
While rummaging through the current book of Dr Mushtaq Ahmad Ganie, i got a flash back of early 80s when a super genius Iqbal scholar adressing a gathering of intellctuals on خضر راہ bursted out with these words of Iqbals own teacher JJ Thomson,
” I wonder how people claim an absolute understanding and comprehension of what iqbal has said in prose and poetry without going through the luminaries like Shams Tabrez, AL Halaj, Dante,and Jalu din Rumi for iqbal was conceptually and imaginatively 200 years ahead of Europe ” No doubt Thomson point is academically debatable but the fact remains that in last 5 centuries we could not produce a super genius like iqbal with an absolute understanding of science, pgilosophy, religion and wisdom.

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