World renowned Urdu poet and Padma shree Dr Kalim Aajiz 


24 August 2022

World renowned Urdu poet and Padma shree Dr Kalim Aajiz      

World renowned Urdu poet and Padma shree Dr Kalim Aajiz.Dr.Kalim Aajiz was an Indian writer of Urdu literature and a poet.An academic educator and chairman of the Urdu Advisory Committee ,Government of Bihar.

He was born on 11 th October 1926 at Telhara, Nalanda district ,a small village which had been home to an  ancient Buddhist monastry in Nalanda district of the Indian state of Bihar.Aajiz secured his graduate and master’s degree from Patna University after which he obtained his doctoral degree in 1965.

His doctoral thesis,” Evolution of Urdu Literature in Bihar”,has since been published as a book.Aajiz continued his association with Patna University by joining the institution as a member of its Urdu language faculty and retired as a professor of the department.After retirement, he was appointed as the chairman of Urdu Advisory Committee,Government of Bihar,a post he held till his death.Aajiz began writing poems at the age of 17 and started appearing in mushairas from1949.

His first book of ghazals was published in 1976 and the book was released at Vigyan Bhawan by the then President of India honourable Fukhruddin Ali Ahmed..This was followed by several publications such as”Jub Fasl e Baharan Aai thi”(When the spring arrived),”Wo jo Shayri ka sabab hua”(the person I did the poetry for),”Jahan Khushbu hi Khushbu thi”( where there was plenty of fragrance).

His mushairas had been hosted in many places including,Dallas US.Dr Kalim Aajiz was prominant contemporary Indian poet of classical tone.He was an Urdu poet and known for Ghazals.

Dr Kalim Aajiz who had four sons and two daughters died on 14th Feb 2015 at Hazaribagh in Jharkhund.After the funerel ceremony at Gandhi Maidan Patna which was attended by thousands of people,his mortal remains were buried at Telhara, his native place.

Dr Kalim Aajiz should be remembered as legendry Urdu poet for ever. 🙏

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