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“Mashaheer-e-Adab Se Mukalama” by Dr. Gh. Nabi Kumar, Review by Rayees Ahmad Kumar

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11 JANUARY 2022

Book Review

Mashaheer-e- Adab Se Mukalama” by Dr. Gh. Nabi Kumar 

Dr. Gh Nabi Kumar is one among the only few young Urdu scholars who has proved his mettle in literary circles of not only valley or Jammu Kashmir but in whole India and subcontinent. With in a very short span of time this young guy in his thirties has achieved what could have been really difficult for a septuagenarian. Among the Urdu literary circles of country Dr. Kumar is referred as an ambassador of Urdu because the services of Dr. Gh Nabi for the promotion and development of Urdu language and literature are not only exemplary but these are widely acclaimed and appreciated by one and all irrespective of the cadre and the branch of literature they are in expertise. His services for the promotion and development of Urdu can be judged from the fact that he keeps laisan with each literary body of state and country. He has huge following in whole India and subcontinent. Dr Gh Nabi Kumar has done his masters in Urdu through Kashmir university, thereafter he went on to pursue both M.Phil. and Ph.D. through Delhi university. He has qualified NET as well as JRF exams besides state level SLET exam. He has many publications to his credit. Qadeem O Jadeed adabiyaat is his distinguished and popular work widely appreciated by the literary circles. Unfortunately it was not given this year’s Sahatiya Academy award though it was in the list of only ten books. Urdu ki Asri Sadaein is his another authored book. His new piece under my review currently is “Mashaheer-e- Adab Se Mukalama”. It is published by GNK Publications Kashmir spread over 320 pages. It’s cover page is eye catching with decent quality of paper inside. It is based on the literary interviews of nineteen legendary literary figures of valley, India and subcontinent. In it’s foreword author writes that it is of prime importance to interview or talk the person you intend to know his life history and his achievements in life. Especially when we try to know about the contribution and works of literary figures it becomes necessary either to talk with them or to interview them.

Among the nineteen literary personalities figuring in the book, Prof Manazir Ashiq Harganvi stands at serial number one. For last seven decades Manazir Ashiq’s literary contribution has been widely applauded by the readers and those having literal taste. Prof Harganvi has tried his pen in every aspect of literature be it the poetry, prose, fiction or travelogue. He has written more than 250 books on different aspects and themes. Born in Jharkhand on first July 1948 Prof Harganvi has done masters in both Urdu and Persian from Patna university. Initially he worked in Radio station but later on he changed his mind to teach in a higher educational institute. Manazir Ashiq during COVID times has compiled three books which speaks about his zeal for the literature. 

Manazir Ashiq’s interview is followed by the literary interview of Dr Sadat Syed. Born in 1950 at Saidi Park Lahore, Dr Sadat’s forefathers belonged to Pathan tribe of Afghanistan. Their genealogy meets with pathan tribe of Yousuf Zai. During 17th century Muslim India they settled in Hoshyarpore city of India. Research scholars of Pakistan consider him a versatile personality for his tremendous contribution to Urdu literature. Dr Sadat has authored more than thirty books on varied themes.Margoob Asar Fatimi originally a police cop who got recruited as police officer of Bihar cadre in 1974 and superannuated in 2011 as senior DSP was born in 1951 at Awrangabad district of Bihar. Though a cop he possesses a good literary taste. After retiring from the active services he has associated himself in writing creative poetry, prose, Ghazal, nazam, rubayi etc.

Raja Yousuf born on August 28th 1960 in Anantnag district of south Kashmir, his actual name is Mohd Yousuf Bhat but after acting in many dramas of theatre he came to be known as Raja Yousuf. Later he felt no need to change it and his all writings were published by this name. His first short story was published in Ayeena in 1983. He says it was his biggest day of his life. He has been writing Urdu literature for last three decades. Naqshi Faryadi is his recently published book a collection of Urdu short stories. 

 Dr Haneef Tarin is a well-known medical practitioner born in October 1951 at Sarai Tareen UP. He has done his schooling from Aligarh and later on went to pursue MBBS from Govt GMC Srinagar. He married a Kashmiri girl and has two sons and a daughter. Despite being a student of science and medicine he was closely attached with literary movements. He was a great poet and in his last two years of life he dedicated himself in writing articles only. He died in December 2020 due to life consuming cancer disease. Zulifikar Ahsan is one of the legendary writers of subcontinent. Born at Sarghoda Pakistan in 1971 his literary creations are published continuously from India, Pakistan and other south Asian countries. Research, criticism, poetry and journalism has been his areas of interest. For last five decades he has been actively serving Urdu literature through his creative writings. Some other literary figures whose interviews are part of this book are Ahmad Rashid Alig, Saifi Sironji, Dr Prem Romani, Dr Azizulla Shirani, Dr Sadiqa Nawab, Prof Irtiza Karim, Dr Mushtaq Ahmad Wani, Dr Pervez Shaharyar, Dr Hafiz Karnataki, Najma Mansoor, Haqaniul Qasmi, Dr Afaq Alam, Dr Salik Jameel Brar.

If I try to write about the life and achievements of each of them what I have learnt from the book It would turn to another book of sweet taste though very lengthy one. So I have restricted myself to provide a brief information about only a few legendary literary figures in this review. It is of utmost importance to know about the life and works of great contributors of literature because it is due to their hard work, sincere efforts and good endeavors that a language and literature stands the test of time. Literary figures of each era have their own value and stature. They are not like ordinary persons but through their literary creations we come across their life and achievements and the difficulties they face in giving rise to their creative works. Many aspects of these figures remain untouched and hidden from the readership because they hardly mention about them in their works. So when efforts are made to take the interviews of these people almost every aspect of their life gets vivid. The efforts of Dr. Gh. Nabi Kumar can be highly appreciated and applauded by the literature lovers for making a sea of information about the legendary literary figure of subcontinent available to them in the form of the hardcopy of this book.

The language used in compiling the book is most comprehensive and it compels a reader to go on reading till it’s end. I found this piece most interesting and extra informative. Author has taken utmost care and has put greater efforts in compiling this precious gift for literature lovers. Even non-Urdu knowing readers can find it tasty because apart from their literary works we know about their life and experience as well by reading this marvelous piece. I hope among the literary circles and literature readers this book would be well taken and praised for it’s comprehensive style and valuable information it contains about these legendary literary figures. 

         RAYEES AHMAD KUMAR Writer is a columnist, academician, short story writer, Book Reviewer, Author of three books and Co-Author of four books. He hails from Qazigund Kashmir. 

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