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10 July 2023


“The Neo-Expressionistic and Abstract, Bizarre Art World of Architect Elias E. Pernecita, Jr.” by Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo

“Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable” – Cesar A. Cruz

While many find underworld characters as themes in art pieces quite bizarre and disturbing, Arch. Elias E. Pernecita, Jr. stands out from the other’s works as he carves his own signature art style which captivates the beautiful oddities of life as depicted in his masterpieces.

I do believe that Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable for Art depicted in many forms and styles is meant to provoke ideas. The good, the bad, the beautiful, the ugly. Art also expresses these emotions to the world, so it also alleviates the troubled mind from what it wants to convey.

Let me welcome you to the bizarre art world of Arch. Elias! Our talented and respected Architect and esteemed Contemporary Visual Artist hails from San Juan City with several notable projects under his name some of which are the restoration of Corregidor’s Heritage structures and the rehabilitation of the Bureau of Quarantine’s façade. He confesses that he started his inclination with the Arts at a young age but just had the time to reignite his artistic skills at the height of the pandemic. And from then on, he was able to utilize different media to create his magnificent and captivating masterpieces.

Architect Pernecita’s works have already graced several art venues such as Art Show Philippines, Angkla Gallery, One Gallery, Phil. Art Restorer Society of the Philippines (PARSPA), Luna Galeria, Grey Space Gallery, ARTablado, Nami Gallery, Dry Brush Gallery, Egyolk Street Shop, Kape Kesada Paete Laguna, Ricardo’s Amadeo Cavite, Art Circle Gallery and Galerie Du Soleil.

One of his most recent group exhibitions is Art Circle Gallery’s “Inside Out” held at the Art Center in SM Megamall located in Mandaluyong City.

I find his works interesting and intriguing as he admits that his art pieces were inspired by what he sees in his dreams and brilliantly manifested by his brush strokes. Get to see some of the eye-catching artworks of “Obra ni Elias”.

Let us get to know more about the talented artist through our short interview about him and his art:
Artist: Archt. Elias E. Pernecita Jr.

  1. At what age did you start your art journey?
    Answer: I have always had a passion for sketching ever since I was a child. But I started to pick up the brush and canvas at the height of the pandemic or the quarantine months. I first started to sketch and flesh out my ideas and finished about 350 pages of short bond paper. And that is when I had an idea to explore and move to a different medium and create pieces using acrylic paint and incorporate surrealist themes into my work.
  2. How do you describe your art style?
    Answer: My concepts always involve a group of underworld characters. Looking at the parallels of good and bad character in people. A sinner and a saint. These pieces come from my unexplained dreams and imaginations that no one can draw or produce except myself.
  3. Do you have any art influences and why do you admire these artists?
    Answer: My favorite local artists are Ronald Ventura, Rodel Tapaya, Eduardo Castrillo, Danny Rayos del Sol. While for the foreign category I really like the works and would like to visit the studios of Keith Haring, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Salvador Dali, Canaletto, and Kandinsky. In general, I admire all their works for the quality and caliber of their pieces.
  4. Do you have any plans of exploring other art genres?
    Answer: Yes, I am open to the idea of exploring new and other genres in painting.
  5. For you, what is the importance of Art?
    Answer: Art is important in the sense that it is a gateway for humans to be able to express themselves in various ways. Some may reflect emotions, and some may reflect ideas. Which creates this aspect of art being a universal language, knowing no boundaries, just a culmination of wonderful ideas and talents. And that is the very beauty and importance of its existence.

Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo is a multi-awarded International Author/Poet and International Visual Artist from the Philippines. She published 2 books: “Seasons of Emotions” (UK) and “Inner Reflections of the Muse” (USA) and currently working on her 3rd book: “Vers d’ Ambedo”. She is also due to publish a poetry collaboration book “Verses of Meraki” with Shahid Abbas from Pakistan. Elizabeth is a co-author to more than 200 international anthologies and her works were already translated into 18 different languages.

Elizabeth is the Cultural Ambassador to the Philippines of Inner Child Press International, the Ambassador of Peace and Goodwill to the Philippines of Naciones Unidas delas Letras & Semillas de Juventud Siglo XXI based in Argentina, as well as the President Adjunto and Co-Founder of Real-izar La Paz South Asia and an Honorary Member.
Camara Internacional de Escritores y Artistas (CIESART) based in Barcelona Spain appointed her as the President of CIESART Filipinas Headquarters and a Member of the Board of Directors of the Illustrious Council of the President.
She is a recipient of an Honorary Diploma Doctor Honoris Causa from the International Academy of Literature and the Arts based in Ukraine and another Doctor of Literature from Instituto Cultural Columbiana Magia Pluma based in Colombia, among other international awards.
Elizabeth considers herself a self-taught artist with her works leaning toward abstract expressionism and surrealism. Elizabeth believes that art heals psychologically, mentally, spiritually, and physically. She likes experimenting on her pieces which are all absolutely authentic as she also coins herself as an Intuitive Artist. From her cascade of exquisite artworks, one can immerse himself into a dreamy realm. Surreal paintings that can take you to different worlds. Almost all of her paintings were done at the spur of the moment as if her hand has a mind of its own and guides the brushstrokes to create masterpieces. She strongly believes that “Art shows us not just perfection but to discover imperfections and find the collateral beauty behind it.” Elizabeth uses recycled materials to give texture and life to her works. She also wants her art pieces to be socially relevant like her “Earth Theme” and “Climate Change” Series of works. Through her art, she wants to inspire others to protect the Earth and help reverse the effects of climate change. Her paintings were already featured in both local and international art exhibitions such as the Delphian Art Gallery in London, Luan Emotional Museum in Mexico City, Mexico, Luna Galleria Philippines, “Transmission”International Art Exhibition, Art Show Philippines, and “Mujeres del Artes 4” All Women Art Exhibition on display at LeBlanc Hotel and Resort in her city, Antipolo City, Philippines organized by ARTipolo Group. She was given a “Rising Star Award” for her painting “Tres Mujeres” in the Talentila Foundation India’s Online Art Exhibition in observance of the International Women’s Month last March. She was a Participating Artist for the Pakistan Contemporary Art Festival and Exhibition held in Lahore, Pakistan. Her design “The Sun of the Orient” was featured in an open-air solar-inspired art exhibit FESTIVAL DEL SOLSTICIO organized by Sidera, proyektos de Arte held in Lima, Peru and was later on presented at the Conversatory Exposicion at the University Nacional Mayor de San Marcos inside the Biblioteca de Espana de Arte in Lima, Peru. Her artwork was donated for a coloring book which will be published abroad. Elizabeth’ s other paintings were part of international exhibits in Chile and Hungary. She is also one of the Participating Artists in the Panorama International Art and Sculpture Festival in Athens, Greece along with other prominent foreign Visual Artists. Elizabeth is a Participating Artist in “Pintura” Group Art Exhibit of ARTipolo held again in LeBlanc Hotel and Resort in the Philippines and of an group art joint collaboration “Pakig-angay 2.0 in the Province of Rizal” held at the The Blanco Art Gallery in Angono, Rizal, the Art Capital of the Philippines. Elizabeth was a Participating Artist in the International Art Congress in Argentina, in the Panorama International Art Exhibition in Greece, and the Pakistan International Contemporary Art Festival and Exhibition.
She was also a Participating Artist in “Bijutsu: An Exhibition” with ARTipolo Group in the Philippines and in the Busan International Art Festival this December, 2022. Elizabeth was also part of the “Celebrate Life International Exhibition and Auction held at the St. Michael Parish in Livermore, California last January, 2023, among other local and international art exhibitions.
Among her international art awards include the Bronze Award for her painting “Flipper” in the BIAF 2022 Busan International Art Festival held at Tomyeoung University in Busan, South Korea, consistent Gold Awardee at the International Kalaratnam Art Society of India and a Rising Star Awardee for 2 consecutive years at the Talentila Foundation, India, among other awards.
Humanity Magazine based in Russia appointed her as the Editor of the Art Direction in Oceania and has her own Oceania Art Page which features her eclectic and mystical works of art.
Elizabeth is a member of GAPI, and a Philippine-based art group, ARTipolo Group and of Fantapia International Art Group based in South Korea. She is also advocating for the promotion of The Creative Arts as therapy in neurophatic pain management and had her works exhibited in Paintingsph on Instagram. Elizabeth has her own art brand “Art Heals by Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo” and offers commissioned paintings to clients, promote fellow artists and mentor, young and aspiring artists.

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