PLCS organized “Bahaar: Spring Poetry Festival 2023”

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GNK English News Desk, 25 April 2023

PLCS organized “Bahaar: Spring Poetry Festival 2023”

Progressive Literary & Cultural Society (India) organized an Multilingual Online Poetry Festival, “Bahaar: Spring Poetry Festival 2023” on Google meet on 26th March 2023. Manju Yadav (Coordinator, PLCS Spanish Forum) commenced the event. She introduced the event in English and requested PLCS Founder Dr. Shamenaz to speak a few words. She said that “PLCS has started Bahaar: Spring Poetry Festival since 2022 to celebrate spring which is a global source of happiness and prosperity”. Manju then invited Mrs. Vandana Tripathi, who gave details of the event in Hindi. She also introduced the “Guest of Honour” Dr. Uma Trilok (India/Singapore).
Uma Trilok in her speech praised PLCS a lot. She said that, “Progressive Literary & Cultural Society is progressive because it is progressing day by day with the amazing works by the members in the field of art, literature and culture. With poetry we can do wonders like bringing people of different ethnicity and nationalities together. This is what PLCS is proving by its works”. She also recited her poem, “Time”. After Dr. Uma Trilok, Dr. Nalini Tandon (India/USA) recited her poem in Hindi, “Rituon ka Mausam”, Zaneta of United States of America recited, “Spring” followed by Dr. Neerja Sachdev (India) in Hindi, “Mausam” Another American poet, Jill Sharon Kimmelman recited “Summer Memories” followed by Alka Prakash (India) who recited in Hindi, “Judna” then Anna Maria Dall’Olio (Italy) recited an Italian poem, “Homo videoludens” which in English means “The Video Game Player”. The poem was explained in English by Lucilla Trapazzo (Coordinator PLCS Italian Forum).
Then came the turn of Dr. Shamenaz (India) who recited her Hindi poem, “Faraar” followed by Italian poet, Susy Gillo who recited her Italian poem, “ . Hulkar Hamraeva of Uzbekistan recited her poem, “Bahor Keldi” in Uzbek, followed by Dr. Ranjana Saran Sinha in English, “Time”, Lucilla Trapazzo in Italian and English, “In assenza – una barca di nome speranza” and “In absence – a boat named hope”. Prasanna Kumar recited, “The Stream of…..” in English and Dr. Manisha also recited her poem in English. After the poetry recitation, there was a discussion among poets about poetry and in the end Manju Yadav gave a vote of thanks.

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